Technical Program Committee (TPC)

MMBD2020 TPC Chair
Prof. Dr. Jung Wan Lee, School of International Economics and Trade, Anhui University of Finance and Economics, China

MMBD2020 TPC Members

Dr. Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and Market Research, University of Granada, Spain
Dr. Fuad Aleskerov, Professor, National Research University, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dr. Kifayat.U.Khan Alizai, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Pakistan
Dr. Antonio J. Tallón-Ballesteros, Department of Electronic, Computer Systems and Automation Engineering, University of Huelva, Spain
Dr. Didier Chabanet, Professor, IDRAC Business School, France
Dr. Eric C.K. Cheng, Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Education University of Hong Kong, China
Dr. Mark Antjhony Camilleri, Associate Professor, Department of Corporate Communication, Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, University of Malta, Malta
Dr. Rocky J. Dwyer, Professor, College of Management and Technology, Walden University, USA
Dr. Popentiu-Vladicescu Florin, Professor, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania
Dr. Petra Groselj, Assistant Professor, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dr. Galina Ilieva, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Quantitative Methods in Economics, University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski, Bulgaria
Dr. Ioannis Karamitsos, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Dubai Campus, UAE
Dr. Bonifacio Llamazares, Associate Professor, Departamento de Economía Aplicada Universidad de Valladolid, Spain
Dr. Hui-Jia Li, Distinguished Research Fellow, School of Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Dr. Haifeng Li, Associate Professor, School of Information, Central University of Finance and Economics, China
Dr. Jessica Lichy, Professor, IDRAC Business School, France
Dr. Peide Liu, Professor, School of Management Sciences and Engineerings, Shandong University of Finance and Economics, China
Dr. Rotimi Williams Olatunji, Professor, School of Communication, Lagos State University, Nigeria
Dr. Madhusudan Singh, Assistant Professor, Woosong University, South Korea
Dr. Karl Schmedders, Professor, Department of Quantitative Business Administration, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Sobhan Sarkar, Division of Management Science, Business School, University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Peixian Zhuang, School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China