Invited Speaker

Dr. Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda,  Assistant Professor

Dr. Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda, Assistant Professor

Department of Marketing and Market Research, University of Granada, Spain
Speech Title: The Strides of Consumer Neuroscience: Origin, Definition and Main Techniques

Abstract: Business and management research has traditionally turned to self-report methods, namely surveys, focus groups and interviews, to evaluate, understand and predict consumer behavior when exposed to advertising. These techniques capture conscious expressions, feelings and verbal-language-based on responses from consumers regarding advertising recall, brand awareness or purchase intentions. While they are commonly preferred by marketers because of their ease of use, accessibility and cost effectiveness, they are nonetheless subject to bias. They are in fact vulnerable to subjectivity and social desirability, may insert delicate questions (e.g. sexual or religion orientation), do not measure deeper emotions (e.g. ambiguity, risk), may not be able to apprehend cognitive and affective processes, and do not facilitate a moment-by-moment collection of data. Deficiencies in measuring consumer behavior in self-report tools have led to the search for more precise techniques coming from psychology and neuroscience to complement traditional market research methods. The combination of techniques from marketing, neuroscience and psychology has fostered the growth of a new field of marketing called consumer neuroscience, that overcomes most of the limitations of traditional tools. The current speech precisely outlines the origin and definition of this new branch of marketing, as well as its tools, journals and themes that are worth considering in future research. The current speech also facilitates an agenda for future research and therefore constitutes a starting point for business academics and professionals intending to resort to neuroimaging techniques.
Keywords: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Consumer Psychology, Business Strategies, Consumer Decision Making

Biography: Luis-Alberto Casado-Aranda is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Marketing and Market Research at University of Granada. With an outstanding experience in the design, supervision and analysis of consumer neuroscience experiments, he applies functional magnetic resonance imaging, eye-tracking and skin conductance to evaluate the psychological origin of consumer sustainable behavior, environmental advertising, trust and risk in online purchases as well as persuasion of political communications. His papers have been published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology & Economics, Human Brain Mapping, Journal of Environmental Management, Political Psychology, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Cyberpsychoblogy, Behavior, and Social Networking, or International Journal of Business Communication, among others. Recently, one of his papers has been awarded as the best paper published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing. He has largely contributed as a reviewer in several marketing and psychology-related impactful journals, such as the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Sustainability, Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology & Economics, Human Brain Mapping, Psychological Research, Journal of Business Ethics or Computers in Human Behavior, among others. He works intensively and publishes scientific articles with leading international researchers in the field of consumer neuroscience such as Profs. Vinod Venkatraman, Angelika Dimoka, Nynke van Der Laan or Ale Smidts. Currently he is the PI of highly competitive research projects dealing with consumer neuroscience in sustainable and online contexts.