Keynote Speaker

Prof. Zhang Ran

Prof. Zhang Ran

Business School, Renmin University of China
Speech Title: Big Data and Quantamental Investing in China

Abstract: China’s domestic stock market, also known as China A shares is the second largest equity market in the world after the US. More importantly, it offers broad and extensive trading liquidity. Currently, the total trading volume in China is larger than the entire MSCI Emerging Markets combined. Compared to most other countries, China’s stock market is more heavily dominated by retail investors and retail trading volume. The market is highly speculative and volatile. As a result, standard quantitative stock selection factors perform well in China, but show very different patterns to other markets.

With the largest population in the world, China enjoys the biggest big data in the world, which is very useful in Quantamental Investing. For example, the customer location data based on the location of cell phones are very useful to forecast the earnings and then the future returns for retail firms. The speaker will talk about mainly on how big data be used on Quantamental Investing and specifically, several of her own research.

Biography: Zhang Ran, Professor of Business School in Renmin University of China. She worked at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University from 2006 to 2019. She is currently a member of the first Accounting Standards Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Finance, and serves as an independent director and chairman of the audit committee of BYD Company Ltd..